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I am a web designer that builds content from the ground up using two basic resources: intelligent code and purposeful design. I have experience producing and editing motion pictures, short films, and advertising shows based on m work with a number of large companies including; Kawasaki Motor Italia, Purina Neslte, Gatorade-Quaker Italy and Sony Italy. I have collaborated with leading professionals, graphic designers and architects organizing cultural events uniting the art of music and gastronomy. Born in Vicenza, near Venice I’ve had to good fortune to absorb both the Mediterranean and Northern European culture, creating a perfect mix that has been fundamental to my professional identity and growth. I first expanded to the United States in San Diego in 2009 and have had many successful projects. I am happy to say that I am also expanding to the Boston area now.

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I'm the owner of mL
a creative graphic & digital video lab, working in the commercial and entertainment fields, best known for the originality of its productions. Since its inceptions, it has gained popularity for its original and thought-provoking projects. mL sells directly and licenses its products globally through strategic partnerships.
with its technical and production capabilities, is able to create a new generation of web design, commercial videos, and animated features. Its objective is to create computer projects combining proprietary technology and world class creative talents.
With the ever-evolving technological landscape, mL recognizes the need to pursue new business strategies and to deliver content across a myriad of distribution platforms. Operating bases are San Diego, Boston and Vicenza.
What I Do

By using the same approach taken with film production on our commercial work, we can create illustrative showcases, full of stunning images that provoke emotional responses. My experience with international markets will generate a wider audience for your product and help you communicate more effectively with them.

Mobile Apps

I create native mobile applications for iOS and Android helping you reach your audience in their pocket. Use native mobile apps with push notification and iBeacon technologies to engage your audience in unique and interactive ways.

Web Design

I have extensive experience with the modern software and hardware tools used to generate unique and intriguing websites, including video editing from sound design to motion graphics and animation. Highly collaborative working with professionals from various fields to create quality multilingual content.

Motion Graphics

I have a large library of unique and spectacular sounds and images that can be invaluable assets for marketing and communication. My library includes footage that is self-produced and licensable for a variety of uses. When used together in creative combinations they are capable of evoking unique sensations.


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